Tuesday, December 10, 2013

We picked our granite layout today!

Today was fun. At lunch, the husband and I went to the granite yard and made the layout for our granite! The designer had cut out thick paper and taped it together to show us where the seams would be for our counter top. We were able to show him what areas in the slabs we wanted to avoid and what areas we wanted to showcase, pretty cool!

We will not be using the big orange section in the left top corner. Most of our counters are on the right side. They used a twin set of granite, one piece cut right after another so our seams will match up and be 'seamless' :)

We were able to avoid the big orange globs on both pieces of granite, yay! There will be a total of 3 seams, I'm not thrilled about that, but there's really no way around it. He was very interested in our opinions and we have been told he is such an artist and he makes the seams match up so well. I'm very happy about that! I am not sure when he's planning on cutting and installing but it will be soon.

I'm heading up tonight to see the cabinets, can't wait to see those! I'm also wondering what they've been able to do on the exterior, most of the work that remains is on the outside of the house. It's been raining for days here so who knows what they were actually able to do. Will update tonight :)

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