Thursday, December 5, 2013

Days 125-130: Paint, Trim, Picking out granite slab

The interior is painted, it's gorgeous. It really makes it look livable now! The trim around the coffered ceiling makes me drool. I couldn't go up to the second level because there were workers flying around everywhere and I didn't want to disturb them. I tried to get some pictures but because they had the windows taped up, they aren't great. I'll add what I took but they aren't spectacular ;)

You can tell the sprayed the walls first, then sprayed the ceiling and the trim. There was a man there who was marking imperfections in the paint/drywall. He was carrying a huge flashlight and he had a pencil that was about 2 feet long and writing everywhere, even on the ceilings! The doors were off the hinges and had been painted.

We go back in the morning to pick the stone out for the exterior and for the fireplace. We go today at lunch to pick our granite slab out. The lady at the granite place told us they would get their template as soon as the cabinets are in and prepare shortly after, she told me they don't take hardly any time. (great news) We scheduled our appliances to be delivered to the house next Thursday.

Terrible, I know! There was no light and lots of dust flying around

Cove in the office/family room

Trim along coffered looks really great

Things to do Interior:
Baseboards/Trim -In the works still
Paint-First coat done
Cabinets-Scheduled to be installed next week
Flooring-Vinyl/Tile to be started this week and hardwood next week
Shower Tiled-In with the above
Railings-The guys were putting the supports in for this yesterday
Stone around fireplace-picking tomorrow, Friday 12-6-13
Counters/Faucets-Picking slab today
Door hardware
Final electrical installs (fans/light)
Grates installed
Appliances delivered Scheduled for Thursday December 12
Window in dining room needs to be replaced
Paint/Stain the front door

Things to do Exterior:
As of 12/4/13- nothing has changed on the exterior-It has been very rainy
Exterior trim
Paint Exterior
Stonework/Pillars/Fill in porch-Picking stone Friday 12-6-13
Final Grade
Screened in porch
Cement for walkway and garage/driveway
Cement for patio
Install water heater/hvac/etc..

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  1. I LOVE the details and trim. They are gorgeous! I'm a sucker for those.

    Were you able to choose custom paint colors? The paint is the one thing I do not like at all in my home. it's just antique white everywhere.. on ceiling and walls. We are re painting everything. We didn't get the paint package since no matter what we choose they would have painted the whole house in that color!