Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Days 133-136: Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom cabinets installed! More Trimwork and Flooring

It was pitch black when I made it to the house; I am thankful my flash worked well so I could get these pictures! There were workers there but they were concentrating on other areas of the house so I couldn't use their light much!
As I was pulling up the grader was there and had completed the final grade on the yard. Poor guy; it was mucky red mud everywhere. He was nice and set some wooden boards down for my daughter and I so we didn't get mud all on our shoes.
The painters were inside about to start on their last coats. I could tell all the touch ups had been done because of all the markings on the wall. One guy was sanding the walls again in the master bedroom. They had covered up all the trim so they must be done with it! The ceiling over spray was still on the walls so they must be saving the wall touch up until the very end.
They also finally filled in the stoop! It was about 13 feet down. They filled it with a metal scaffolding like material and will lay concrete over that.
The tile for our bathroom was in the dining room along with all the grout and the mortar. I also spotted the vinyl for the girls bathroom and the laundry room. There was already backer board in our bathroom and in the downstairs bathroom.
Starting in the kitchen. The built in oven cabinet is wrong. They built it for a single wall oven; there is no way my double microwave/oven will fit into that small opening. I have left my contact a VM. I really hope this doesn't hinder our closing date :( There are also supposed to be glass doors in the corner cabinets, those may come later. Other than that hiccup they look really great!
The range hood will be in the opening straight ahead. I am not centered in this shot.

Wrong opening; but I love the drawers.

Butlers pantry area.

My Vanity

Husbands vanity

Girls jack and jill bath. I love their vanity; it is so long

Trim all wrapped up in the media room

See all the touch up spots? They covered the trim up on bottom. I love this feature
The husband is going back on Thursday to get another update; I won't be able to go back until Sunday. Can't wait to see the difference!


  1. Thanks for the pics, as usual your home is amazing with such detail!!! I can see your cabinets are awesome quality!! Ah, the double oven, I overlooked that area, stupid me!!!! Shoulda Woulda Coulda.

    1. I am already having those moments and i'm not even moved in yet!! :)

  2. I'm so jealous of your kitchen and your fancy trim!