Saturday, December 28, 2013

We are in!!

I am on my iPad so I can't type a ton but wanted to update that we got the keys the day after Christmas! We failed the second c/o inspection which was Monday and then finally passed on Thursday morning. Some things still aren't finished by the builder and will be completed over the next few weeks... No huge deal. We are loving it so far! We had a bunch of help Thursday, Friday and today. Mostly everything is in its 'room' and we are in the organizing stage now. My dad came and installed several curtain rods today so that's nice. I'm making most of the curtains so I need to get on that !

I don't know if I can add pictures from my iPad, I copied and pasted one below... Can you see it? It's of my messy kitchen haha! I'll set my laptop up Monday and make a 'real post' with more pictures!

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