Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 143: Final Landscaping, Deck, Exterior paint, more lights ect...

More details were taken care of yesterday. We did go this morning because they painted the house incorrectly and we had to change a few things, but other than that all of these pictures are from Wednesday, December 18th.
the stone is not the stone we looked at. It looks good but we don't love the orange tones; however the
builder said it would be to difficult to fix, so I guess this is it.


Entry with Railings are up, flush mount installed in walkway

Guest room with carpet

Fireplace all stoned; I don't know why there is a green tone in this picture

Downstairs bath tile

Downstairs vanity

Addison in the guest room closet

"media room"

Railings installed and look great

Addison's Room

Girls jack-n-jill vinyl

Girls Vanity lights, one globe was broken
Lanie's Bedroom

Flush mounts in upstairs hallway

Master bath vanities with lights

My closet <3

Hard to see the tile because it's so light!

Laundry with vinyl flooring

At 11:00 a.m. when we left to register our 6 year old for school

1.5 hours later, looking good
Our cute crepe myrtle!

Painting started yesterday afternoon
Things to do Interior:
Paint- Touch ups are all that remains and will happen at the end of this week
Cabinets-Electricians supposed to finish today or tomorrow
Glass door for shower
Counters/Faucets-Granite was installed this afternoon after we left
Toilets-By Friday
Final electrical installs- Until Tomorrow
Window in dining room needs to be replaced-?
Paint/Stain the front door-Will be stained probably during the final touch ups.

Things to do Exterior:
Exterior trim - Happening today
Gutters- Today
Paint Exterior-Started
Stonework/Pillars/Fill in porch-Done just need paint
Screened in porch-Supposed to be finished Thursday

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  1. I was blown away by the details of the entry way! It's absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Bummer about the inspection. I hope you pass it the next time. I know it's so hard to wait when your home is move in ready.