Friday, December 13, 2013

Days137-139: Tile Shower/flooring , Concrete for driveway/walkway/stoop and more!

Moving right along and I'm so excited! I haven't seen all this in person, my husband went out yesterday and my father in law went this morning. I will be going on Sunday to deliver all the lights/fans/light bulbs.

All of the concrete has been poured! This includes the stoop, the walkway, driveway and back porch. We weren't sure how much they were going to pour around back and it looks like they only gave us a little bit of a landing. We have decided to put some pavers down to make a larger area. We'll probably do this shortly after moving in. The driveway looks great, I am glad they put those angled corners in where it meets the road. The stoop; I am SO glad that huge hole is gone. They built up a sort of scaffolding to support the concrete.

Today all the stone is being installed on the outside and the inside around the fireplace. The same workers are installing our brick steps right now as well. Landscaping is supposed to be happening later on today!

This is where we'll be adding pavers later on
All of the tile has been laid! They still have to grout, I can't wait to see this in person.
This is the downstairs guest bathroom, I like this color its a grey-ish brown.
I *think* all the trim is done. I'm not 100% sure but they uncovered all the columns and wainscoting.

I see the grate on the ceiling for the HVAC which means the units are probably set up outside!

More trim that I flipping love.

OMG I am dying right now! Hubby took these pics below of our bathroom and shower.

*angels singing* seriously love this. I'm so glad they did a brick pattern in here like on the floor!

I love how the mosaic breaks up the floor and shower a little bit!

eeek! I love the brick pattern. These are 12''x24'' tiles.
This weekend the porch is being built, might be pushed over til Monday because tomorrow it's supposed to rain a lot. The carpet goes in next Tuesday. The vinyl is in the laundry room and girls bathroom already. The lights/fans will be installed next Monday. The hardwoods are going in today as well! Granite is going in today.
Things to do Interior:

Baseboards/Trim - To be finished over the weekend and after all flooring is laid
Paint- Touchups are all that remains and will happen middle of next week
Cabinets-Appliances are in the house, the cut out for the oven/microwave will be fixed soon.
Flooring-Vinyl and tile is laid. Hardwood starts today. Carpet next Tuesday 12/17
Shower Tiled- Tile is set, grout to be finished
Railings-Probably next week
Stone around fireplace-Happening today
Counters/Faucets-Being installed today
Shelving-Included in trim , week of the 16th
Toilets-Included in trim , week of the 16th after tile is done
Final electrical installs- Monday December 16th
Window in dining room needs to be replaced
Paint/Stain the front door-Will be stained probably during the final touchups.

Things to do Exterior: All of this is to be done the week of December 9th-14th
Exterior trim
Paint Exterior
Stonework/Pillars/Fill in porch-Happening today
Screened in porch-This weekend


Things we need to do:

Call to have the electricity and water switched into our name around the 20th

Freak out about moving into the house the weekend before Christmas, YAY!

Buy the final light bulbs-going tonight!


  1. OMG!!! They are booking it! You'll be in by Christmas!!! With a few days to decorate even!

  2. Merry Christmas to you they are moving FAST! Your tile selection is cool :) Cant wait to see the stone!