Friday, December 6, 2013

Days 131-132: Details and GREAT news!!

I am feeling much better today. Our meeting this morning went very well and I really feel like the builder is trying to make us happy and stay on top of things. I had my phone for pictures so they aren't the best quality. When I go next time I'll take my good camera.

We started by picking the stone, which was more of them hoping we liked the only selection they had. The stone guy brought in a hearthstone and about a 3ft by 1ft section of rock. I was thinking we would have selections to pick from He had 2 other color choices but didn't bring them. Oh well, it's ok; it's very neutral and that's what we need so I'm letting that one go. The stone will be around the fireplace and on the front of the house. We addressed the hearth issue and that will be taken care of. They have to frame out the bottom of the hearth to wrap around the sides of the fireplace.

The stone choice and the Hearthstone up top

We then moved to the upstairs media room. They have to cut the hole out for the conduit that was previously run from the electrician, they said no problem.

The master bathroom shower will be tiled next week and we needed to make sure they remembered to build a soffit (I think that's the name) down to make it more enclosed; they said yes they will use a special cement board for that.

We brought our down-rods for the girls rooms and we have to go exchange (again) for a different size. Dang-it! Back to Lowes I go. I also have to get one more light for the basement stairwell, just a plain flush mount will do.

We went to the basement to address the cracks. We were told they were completely normal. They could seal them but they would look the same and that it's nothing to worry about.

The best news is that we are back on schedule to hopefully get the keys on Friday December 20th. It may be pushed back to Monday the 23rd depending on delays. What this means is that next week is going to be ridiculously busy. Every crew you can imagine will be working. They will also be locking the doors and they won't give me a key, pretty bummed about that. Vanessa will have to meet me there when I want to go look at everything; or she said if a crew is out there they'll leave it unlocked for me.

Master Bedroom filled with doors!

Living Room, The columns should be completed today, they had to wait
for the coffered ceiling to be done so they could work around the trim

My dining room! I love love love this trim so far; it looks so amazing!

Another view of the dining room corner, I love how this area looks with the
 trim against the windows and the columns!

Muddy mess, it's been rainy all week and it was everywhere. Nothing has changed
 on the outside but that's about to change next week.
Our granite slab with its twin behind it. The name is Typhoon Bordeaux. There is lots of orange in the top left corner; we are going to do a layout with the company so we can make sure that falls at a good place in the kitchen layout. The granite is a little lighter overall than this pictures depicts, it was wet in the warehouse.
Timeline (so happy about this)
Things to do Interior:Baseboards/Trim - To be finished over the weekend
Paint-First coat done, touch ups will be happening at the end of next week and weekend
Cabinets-Installing Monday
Flooring-All to be started next Wednesday and worked on until the next Sunday
Shower Tiled-In with the above
Railings-The guys were putting the supports in for this yesterday-Next week
Stone around fireplace-Selected and not sure when this will be done, maybe the week of the 16th
Counters/Faucets-Template being taken Monday afternoon, we need to go Tuesday to pick layout
Door hardware- Included in trim , week of the 16th
Shelving-Included in trim , week of the 16th
Toilets-Included in trim , week of the 16th after tile is done
Final electrical installs- Monday December 16th
Grates installed-Included in trim , week of the 16th
Appliances - Being delivered Thursday December 12th
Window in dining room needs to be replaced
Paint/Stain the front door-Probably to be finished when exterior is done which is the week of Dec 9th

Things to do Exterior: All of this is to be done the week of December 9th-14th
Exterior trim
Paint Exterior
Stonework/Pillars/Fill in porch-Selected stone Friday 12-6-13
Final Grade
Screened in porch
Cement for walkway and garage/driveway
Cement for patio
Install water heater/hvac/etc..
Things we need to do:
Call to have the electricity and water switched into our name around the 20th
Touch base with the lighting company who ordered our vanity/closet/hallway lights-Emailed 12-6
Call the granite company on Tuesday December 10th to choose the layout for the counters
Freak out about moving into the house the weekend before Christmas, YAY!
Buy the extra light for the hallway, buy 13 more light bulbs (just haven't bit the bullet yet) and exchange the down rod.
Something that may help fellow readers:
I have set up a "Subscribe and Save" Order with Amazon to be delivered to the new house shortly after we move in. If you don't know about this you need to look in to it! My order consists of trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaner etc.. These are things I know we are going to need and I don't have space to store them right now. Plus if you set up a delivery of 5 or more items you get 20% off . The items are shipped for free and you can cancel anytime you want. A lot of items also include a coupon code, you just have to look for them. For those with small children: diapers, wipes, lotions, body wash etc.. are also included and you can get some really great deals if you keep up with it!
I'm not sure when we will go back, maybe next Wednesday and we'll see the cabinets installed for sure! I can't wait!!


  1. Everytime I see your home Britni I am amazed at the detail!! Blows me away how amazing it is :)
    As far as the concrete, its a tempermental bastard, never comes with any warranty really and behaves however it wants and is always acceptable!

    Its cool how you can go out and get a light and have it installed, awww the little things we could NOT do!!

    Coming along beautifully and glad you had a meeting and feel better :)