Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 144: Exterior Paint Fiasco ................and C/O inspection tomorrow

Today was not a good day for us! We are ok now but I have to be honest about all this because I want this blog to portray as much detail about our build process as possible.

We were sent a text last night about 5:00 p.m. and were told we needed another flood light and another coach light for the basement walkout. Not a huge deal but this meant we had to go again early the next morning before work to get it there in time. I didn't feel like getting up super early again so Justin handled it. He called me and immediately asked "What areas are supposed to be blue on the house?" My heart sunk...I just knew something was wrong. Sure enough the painters painted a lot more blue than we had chosen. So yes, I flipped! It was the straw, so the speak. Because #1: I didn't get the board and batten and shake siding how I wanted it already, we compromised on that, #2: The stone was incorrect and not the color we had picked and then #3 the paint.

Justin made me come out to the house to look at it to see what we needed to do. The superintendent said we could have it repainted if we wanted. When we chose our house colors months ago I wanted a lot of blue because I love blue, Justin was very hesitant because he didn't want the blue at this morning Justin surprised me by saying how much he liked all the blue. The only downfall was that the blue is really dark and we were worried about the section under the porch being too dark because the columns were supposed to be painted dark brown along with the trim. So in the end we decided to keep all the blue and just paint the columns the Monterrey taupe , which is on the rest of the house, that way it's a little lighter and won't make the porch look super dark.

Let me say, I feel like such a brat for complaining about the house because it's a really nice house and it's gorgeous, but its just not what we wanted. The exterior is nothing like we picked months ago, so that is a little saddening. However, it is beautiful and we will love it.

SO yes here's a pic after all my rambling. I didn't take any other pictures while at the house because I was still TICKED OFF. I'm over it now and ready to get my keys.

The county inspection is tomorrow, if we pass we will get keys Monday. PRAY WE PASS!

We left around 9:15 and the place was swamped with tons of people. Who know what happened today! I know the painters were touching up, trimmers finishing the exterior, plumbers were coming to finish, electricians were installing appliances, cleaners were cleaning, carpenter was finishing the deck so the screen could be put in.

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  1. Congrats on your almost finished home! So exciting! I'm new to the whole building process so looking for as much advice as possible! Feel free to follow me I look forward to your updates : D congrats again!