Saturday, April 12, 2014

Landscaping phase two: Paver Patio

We have been buuuusssssy outside these last few weeks! 
The weather has finally gotten nice and warm! Our first phase was the mulch bed in the front yard and some tree planting.
This second phase involves installing a patio under our porch with paver stones. I measured the area and figured we needed just under 250 12x12 stones. It didn't seem like a bunch until I started laying them. It's no joke. The builder poured a 3x6 cement walkout where the basement door opens so we are leaving that and adding the pavers around it. Because of this, we are having to dig a bunch of dirt out to get it level.
After digging the dirt, we laid a landscaping fabric to help prevent weeds in the future. We then added a layer of sand before laying the paver. I think we should have added a layer of rock but that's just too much work! I'm no where near being done but it does look really nice. I might be painting the pavers a dark brown. I'm excited to have another living space out there. After this project we want to have a housewarming party.

Those are pine needles that the builder laid, I need to reuse them somewhere
I also purchased these stealth flow gutter attachments to attach to the gutter next to the stairs. Since we are going to have a walkway, this will help route the water underneath the pavers:
Found on Amazon You can also buy them at Lowes.

Day One:

Because of the grade of our side yard, this area has a lot of moisture
in the ground, I'm hoping that planting these hostas underneath will help keep
the area a little dryer. I plan to plant hostas all up underneath the stairs.

Our goal is to have pavers all completely under the deck portion and to
 have a walkway to the stairs.

Day Two:

How long did you wait to stain/protect your deck or fence? That will be a part of our landscaping phase 3. I'll be working on the patio tonight and tomorrow, hopefully I'll get close to being done !