Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 146: A bunch of finishes, second C/O Inspection is tomorrow

The pictures pretty much show everything. We have our second inspection tomorrow. According to the superintendent; we failed because of no attic insulation, no gutters and the exterior soffits weren't completed. On Friday he told us it would all be taken care of over the weekend. We drove up yesterday and the only thing completed was the attic insulation. *rolls eyes* I'm not really shocked; they haven't hardly done anything on time in this whole process. Our SR told us the gutters would be finished Monday (even though they have no clue what time the inspector is coming), she also said the painters were suppose to be painting yesterday but no one was there. The soffits were not finished either. I think they are just asking to fail again.
We looked thoroughly through the house and there are SO many touch ups to be done. A lot of the trim is terrible, it needs sanding, filling in, re sanding, re painting etc. There are gouges in the walls, split wood on the railings, uneven sub floor so the carpet has uneven spots. I'm really disappointed. The quality of the finishes are bad. All of the appliances aren't even installed. The fridge is still sitting in the basement with our dryer, the dishwasher is sitting in its spot but not connected, the hood vent is halfway installed.
We had our walk through scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Monday morning but we told them there's no way we are doing a walk through with the house in this condition. Isn't the point of a walk through for everything to be pretty much done and for us to point out areas of concern? ugh. There are a million areas of concern. We rescheduled for 3 in the afternoon. I still don't see how everything will be cleaned up and decent.
On to the pictures: The exterior paint isn't completed either

Dining room-Girls were dancing

Office, this light is bright and beautiful

Porch roof. It still needs to be screened in.

Gutters in the backyard

Fixtures in bathroom

This is terrible. I can' not believe they nailed in this framework after
the tile has been grouted and set. It's poor workmanship. The shower door is also not what
we thought we were getting. It is extremely short. The "soffit" is supposed to reach down to
the shower door in order to make it a steam shower. It's disastrous! We have been telling them for
months to not forget to build down the soffit and they wait until the last minute to fix it. They should
have built it down before tile workers laid tile. It's such a shame

My closet

Mirrors installed

6 year olds room

Jack and jill bath

3 year olds room

Foyer Light


Media room-Conduit STILL needs to be cut out in the ceiling. Justin has been telling
them for weeks to do it, now that the attic insulation is in, it's going to be a pain. What is there problem?!

Things to do Interior:
Paint- Touch ups are all that remains and will happen at the end of this week
Glass door for shower-So annoyed about this, see picture above
Railings-Stain. Wood is split in one of the sides
Final electrical installs
Window in dining room needs to be replaced-?
Bedroom window is now broken too and needs to be replaced-?
Paint/Stain the front door-Will be stained probably during the final touch ups.

Things to do Exterior:
Exterior trim
Paint Exterior
Screened in porch


  1. Britni, Ok so I cant get over the shower soffit! Im with you, sorry I cant sugar coat that one, that is terrrible! So what happens when 20 years from now you want to update the tile? Oh my! I dont know if I could let that one go!

    As far as the other things, everything will get done, it never gets done is our time frame and since we are proactive people its exhausting having to micro manage everything, but imagine the people that are disconnected from their build? How many problems they may have post build.
    Just dont give up, but I dont have to tell you that!
    I know right now it sucks, BUT one day soon you will be living in that beautiful home and loving life!!

  2. Ok all the mistakes aside, it is GORGEOUS!!!