Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 142 Part 2: More lighting, Deck 1/2 done, Granite installed, plants/mulch, porch, Stone

I wrote yesterday that we needed to get a different angle kit for the fans in the girls rooms, because they have cathedral ceilings. We got up early and went to Lowes this morning to get them and took them out to the house. I can not BELIEVE how much they got done after we left yesterday around 1:00 p.m.

As we were leaving today the cleaners were showing up to start cleaning. I am guessing they will start upstairs where the carpet will be laid and work there way down. The list is getting shorter and shorter of what is left and I don't even know what to expect to see tomorrow afternoon when we go out there. I have to register my 6 year old at her new school so of course we will stop at the house since it's about a mile away!

The guy put all the floor boards down on the deck, very impressive!

The exterior trim is being worked on...

And mulch has been delivered. Love it!

The side of the house where the box bay window is

Dining Room with pendants

Office, the electrician is raising this fixture a lot today

Butlers Pantry

Granite installed in butlers pantry

Granite is in!

Close up of the granite

Slot for cooktop and hood vent above

Lazy susan in the corner and the oven will be on the left of this pic

Entrance from garage, the mudroom is on the left of this pic
and the pantry is on the right. I like this pendant, in my mind
I thought the fixture would be more towards the mudroom, but oh well.
Also, they had to shorten the width of this opening in order to give more space
for the kitchen cabinets, which is to the right of this picture, I think the arch is
uneven now.

Fan installed in living room, it's crooked. not sure why.

Guest room, same fan as in the master but we were told this morning that the
remote is missing. bummer!

The wood and trim for the railings is all in, should be seeing the railings tomorrow.

Master Vanity with granite installed

Porch view from the very dirty guest bedroom window, haha.

Upstairs hallway view

Breakfast area light - LOVE this!!

Trim and wood installed for railings here

View from Foyer

Outside view-Columns on porch are in!
We left at 8:30, father in law went at 11:00 and this was happening:
At first it's all, yay the stone is going in but then I'm like...that's not the same stone. Please look at the pictures below and the last picture is the stone we picked a few weeks ago. It does not look the same. Our SR says the stone guy is saying the samples were wet, however...the stone on the house has variations of tans/almost oranges/light brown/grey. What do you think? The shapes don't even look the same to me? I remember thinking how dark the stone was going to be when it was up but that I liked how it's not boxy looking...but what they have installed is super boxy.

As the father in law was leaving...the cleaners were still hard at work and the carpet was being installed. We will go back tomorrow to look at the stone in person and to see what else has been happening.
Things to do Interior:
Baseboards/Trim - Still some stuff left
Paint- Touch ups are all that remains and will happen at the end of this week
Cabinets-Electricians to install appliances today or in the morning
Flooring-Carpet happened this afternoon
Glass door for shower
Railings-Happening today
Stone around fireplace- Should be today
Counters/Faucets-Granite was installed this afternoon after we left
Toilets-By Friday
Final electrical installs- Until Tomorrow
Window in dining room needs to be replaced-?
Paint/Stain the front door-Will be stained probably during the final touch ups.

Things to do Exterior:
Exterior trim - Happening today
Gutters- Today
Paint Exterior-Happening Tomorrow 12/18
Stonework/Pillars/Fill in porch-Happening today
Landscaping-Halfway done
Screened in porch-Now until Wednesday


  1. I agree that the color of the stone doesn't look the same. The sample looks darker with more grayish undertones and the stuff on your house looks more orangy like you said. I still like the stuff they put up though!

    1. Thank you! I agree it is very nice looking. They have told us it will be too difficult to remove the orange pieces and replace them with more neutral stone so its going to be staying as it is.

  2. Def not the same stone, I call BS! But I agree with colette and I like the stone, but it's certainly not was what presented to you earlier....clearly! Fight if you dont like it, you are gonna look at it forever :) But sometimes mistakes are to our advantage so if you like it........bonus!!

    1. Thank you! We went to the house this morning and they also painted the house wrong! It looks good overall but the exterior is nothing like we planned/picked. We are going to live with it because it is still beautiful but there's always that feeling of "it wasn't what we wanted"