Monday, June 17, 2013

Appraisal Update

It's been a while since I've posted, because we have been waiting on the bank. I emailed our loan officer for an update, because it's been over 2 weeks waiting for the appraisal. Just the appraisal! She said that the girl in charge had a family emergency and that we should have it today. *crossing fingers*

Hopefully that is the case and we can schedule a closing date for the loan. I'll update when I get the word!

We drove up to the lot yesterday to see if any other homes are being built. They were have open houses on 4 model homes. The neighborhood is hooked up with a builder and offer certain floor plans that they package with the lot. I searched on the county tax site and was surprised to see that there weren't many lots still available. I wonder when everyone is going to start building? I don't mind being in an empty neighborhood though.. I also really like that we can choose our own builder, so our home will not look like any houses already built.

We are getting anxious to see some work!

Gorgeous mountain view! The view from our second floor will be awesome.

It was father's day :)
The girls and I , hoping to see a hole dug soon ;)
Picture courtesy of our 6 year old :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Visions for the "Mud Room"

We created a little nook between the kitchen and garage to create a "Mudroom". I have always wanted one and I know we will use it. We have a 5'4'' wide by 3'3'' deep opening.

See "utility" space
I've been pinning some ideas on doing my own wainscoting and surprisingly, it looks pretty simple. I love the look of it and I am pretty sure I'll incorporate it in this design.

You can never have enough storage and since there are 3 girls in our house, and we have a ton of shoes. I know all the shoes will end up in this area. We also need a place to put Lanie's backpack and a spot for Addison's bag for the sitter. So I'm like these combo's...

But honestly, all the shoes wouldn't be neatly stacked like that.
I see shoes shoved all under the bench
I love the wainscoting that is around this, it looks so clean to have all that white,
but I'd want it to go all the way up to the ceiling.
Any other ideas that are easy to DIY?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stinky News

In my last post I described approving the plans. It took weeks to do this, there are just so many things to consider. Everything was resubmitted to the bank so they could start the appraisal and I just got an email that this held everything up. We have to resubmit paystubs and documents before they can move forward. Talk about frustrating. I know it's normal but it looks like we won't be closing for several weeks now :( We were hoping to break ground this month, but it's looking like Mid-July now.

My next posts, besides updates to the plans, will be on inspirations and the features we are looking forward to!