Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Days 86-95 : Delays, Final Tile Selections

Well, we found out today that we still have not passed inspections, we are still waiting on windows too. Pretty annoyed. We will most likely be in at the first of the year now. UGH!!! So so so annoyed. So since my last post, nothing has been done, at all. According to what I was told a few weeks ago we should have been at the end of the drywall stage at this point.

We did finalize our master bathroom tile; we wanted to upgrade it because we didn't like the one choice we were given of the same tile with 5 different color choices. This is what we chose.

Happy Floors Golden Light Collection. We chose the color white and 12x24 tiles. These will go in the master bath floor and the walls in the shower. The shower floor will be the 2x2 mosaic mix.
Stock pic of the floor and wall tile

Stock pic of the shower floor tile

I tried rotating, this is the selection in store
My sweet helper


  1. love that tile! And I'm bummed you are delayed!! Is there anyone that is keeping these guys on track or accountable to a schedule?? Maybe they can get it together soon! Being in by Christmas would be so special.

    1. I don't think they really have a timeline, unfortunately :( I really hope we are in before Christmas!

  2. Gorgeous tiles! And your little one is SO CUTE!
    It's definitely a bummer about the delays. Hopefully they can catch up. There's a house being built across our's and the started framing after we moved in. Now it's practically done. So i think if they wanted to get it done, they can..

    1. Thank you! :) I hope they do...I am trying to decide if I should just call every couple of days to remind them :)