Friday, October 18, 2013

Days 79-82: Roxul is in! So is our front door and our windows!

I got to the house at 6:15 and took some pictures before my husband got there. By 7:15 it was completely pitch black.  The roof is completely done (yay!) they put the metal accents on the roof (above the garage in the front in the first picture) and the front door is gorgeous! It will be stained a dark brown. Most of the windows are in too! We are still missing about 9 windows but the majority are in and I love them; they are tan prairie style.

When we were discussing the type of cement siding we wanted last week (vertical/horizontal/shank) I kept looking at the elevation and something just didn't look right. I was comparing it to the model home picture and finally realized we have an extra "peak" not sure of the technical term but the big peak on the very top that goes from the garage peak up and connects with the 2 smaller ones is an extra. I love it, it really adds a lot to the exterior look of the house!
Missing the double and triple windows here...I saw them laying inside, they'll probably finish them today

Forgot to rotate this one, sorry! Right side of house windows are in.

All of the back windows are in except for the small kitchen window.

Our master, I love the double window! (I know I've said it a million times, sorry!)
And now for the Roxul insulation/sound proofing. OMG I couldn't be in construction for sure. This stuff was not what I expected it to be. Maybe I thought it would have a wrap around it but it didn't. It is super dense fuzzy stuff with shards of rock/minerals in it. it was super easy to cut, most of it I just pulled apart with my hands. There were a lot of studs that weren't the 23''-24'' apart and we had to cut a LOT of this stuff.
It took us a full hour to do this one room (not even 3 full sides). And we ran out of daylight quickly so we had to use our phones and ipad for light (pretty comical looking).

Finished product, the builders will insulate the exterior wall. 

The girls were really good, they played on the phone/ipad and held the light up for us to see.
I was wearing a sweater and pants and felt pretty bad, the insulation was all over me and so itchy/scratchy. I should have worn a face mask b/c I felt it in my throat too, ew!
I didn't get many pictures while it was still light outside, but I did get a picture of our patio door. I forgot that it had a transom up top, looks really good! I wish I had gotten a close up of the front door, there is a cute little ledge on it that will be good to decorate:)
I noticed they put up an inspection sheet, it seems that all inspectors sign off on this one sheet up until the C/O is issued. I saw the HVAC was done (last week when I posted) but I didn't see the electrical or plumbing was done yet. I figured they wouldn't let us insulate until the electrical had passed but who knows, maybe I'm missing something. The electrical was completely finished and it seems the plumbing is as well.
I will probably go back Sunday afternoon so I can take a good look at everything before they drywall. I'll be out of town next weekend so I won't see the house for a week and a half, hopefully we'll be dry walled in when I get back!


  1. It looks great!! Can't wait to see the finished product, in person!!

    1. Me Either! I'll be needing your help with placement, you are a pro now ;)