Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Days 68-74: HVAC/Elecrical/Plumbing

We met at the land Monday morning and discussed placement of things. There wasn't too much with the plumbing but we had to make some choices about the HVAC. The workers were super nice and were going to put a huge air return grate in our dining room ceiling. They probably saw the horror on my face because they offered to put it in the office/sitting room.

All was well until they told us that we'd lose about  2 feet from our daughters walk in closet. It's still technically a walk in but it is really small now :( But if I had to look at a huge grate in my gorgeous dining room I'd regret it. Her closet will now be 3'4'' x 3'. It was 5'4'' long before.

We discussed window placement in the master, my previous post had pictures showing the terrible views out of 2 of the master bedroom windows, now we will get a double window facing gorgeous mountains and a corner window to face the back yard greenery. I'm very excited to see these changes.

We Added:
  • Freezer outlet in basement
  • 110 outlet in basement next to freezer
  • Extra outlet in basement (they already had 1 included)
  • Electrician (loved him!) is installing my outlets horizontally flush with the upper cabs in the kitchen so that when we do our back splash, they won't be too visible, yay!
  • We added a light in the dining room so I can put my 2 pendants (posting about that next, separately!)
  • I added an outlet in the pantry and put the phone hook up next it for future Internet
  • Added an outlet in the laundry and one in my closet
  • Added 4 recessed lights in the bonus/media room, because we are having a projector in the middle of the ceiling so we didn't know where we would put a light fixture!

We chose the 7 locations for cable hook up, bedrooms, living room and family room. We aren't big TV people so that was pretty much overkill but they were included.

I didn't take any pictures because there was a ton of people in the house working, everyone was there at the same time and my 3 year old was getting freaked out because of the drilling and sawing!

I'm writing a separate post because we chose all our exterior colors, flooring, lighting etc.. today! Fun stuff!

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