Friday, October 4, 2013

Electrical/HVAC meeting next Monday! Any other questions I should ask?

I'm super excited because we are meeting the electrician and HVAC people at the house on Monday. Our superintendent and SR will also be there. They said it will be no problem to move the windows in the master bedroom, I'm so thankful! I was getting anxious about that because the views as they are right now are pretty bad.

We have to decide where we will put the water heater, they originally had it in the garage but we will probably move it to the basement to save space in the garage, b/c we only have a standard 2 car.

There are a few places we are specifying outlet placement:

  • Kitchen- We will be doing back splash and cabinet lighting, I'm debating on having the outlets directly under the cabinets laying long wise so you don't see outlets, just a back splash. We also need 1 or 2 outlets in the cabinets for future lighting.
  • An outlet for my tanning bed in the basement and for a deep freezer. These will be going in the 'mechanical space' b/c there are no windows in this area.
  • Extra lights/outlets in the basement, I want to have lighting down there for projects. I do a lot of furniture redo's.
  • Media Room/Bonus Room-We will be putting a projector in there eventually so we need something in the middle of the ceiling for power source and possibly conduit for a HDMI cable. Not sure the best way to do this; I  need to do some research this weekend.
  • Verify outlet placement will be flush with the trim in the dining room; we are having tall wainscoting and I don't want ugly outlets placed in the middle of the boards!
  • Outlets in the laundry room (surprisingly they don't add ANY!, I need a set for my iron, duh!)
  • Outlets in the pantry for charging vac's/ect.
  • Outlet in closets? Still debating this...a lot of people have been adding these I just don't know if we will need it.
  • Outlet next to front door for Christmas decorations!
  • Outlet placement on fireplace for decorations
  • Exterior outlet placement, I have no idea on this one but I know we will want to know where they are being put
  • Extra outlet in garage? Again, I don't know that this is necessary because we have the basement.

Anything else I should keep in mind during this meeting?


  1. It's great they changed the windows. Yay for you.
    We got extra outlets in the pantry to charge my dyson sweeper, so I can hang it in there out of sight. We also got extra outlets in the garage for things like electric blower etc.
    Not electrical, but another thing to look for are the placement of hose bibs. We placed one in the garage and the other in the back of the house.

  2. Remember too if you want to wall mount any TVs you'll probably want high outlets for pluging them in.

  3. An outlet in the pantry would be great. I wish I would have thought of that. I keep a little dustbuster in there and it would be nice to charge it in there too. I didn't think of any of those other things! We had the opportunity for an extra outlet in the garage but opted just to use extension cords because the cost was enough that we couldn't justify adding any! We already went overbudget lol.

    1. I feel you on the's overwhelming and I might not be able to justify it either!

  4. Girl!! Tanning beds are bad news! I added an extra outlet in the master closet, but only because that's where I plan on having my vanity...the bathroom is way too small for all my stuff.

    1. I don't use it very often; It was a great deal from my MIL :)

  5. Wow your house is so huge it has come together so quickly! Get as many outlets as you can you can never have too many! Your home is looking great so far!

  6. Great idea about the outlet near the door for Christmas decorations, I wish I had thought of that! :) I agree with Chateaunadine, the more outlets the better.