Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Days 64-67: Roof Almost Done, Porch Started and First party at our new house!

Yes, we held our first party tonight at the house :P . Although there was no food, games or music we had a crowd :) I gave my in-laws, my dad and his GF, my grandmother and my sister and her kids the 'tour'. It felt like home walking them through b/c the place was really cleaned up. I'm guessing they are getting ready for the electrical/plumbing/HVAC.

The roof is almost completely done (wow!) and they built the roof for the porch, it's just being stabilized by 2 pieces of very long wood and it kinda freaks me out to walk near it.

They installed the basement stairs and framed the coffered ceiling and fireplace in the living room.

There are a few things that are wrong. We were supposed to have double doors leading into our master bedroom and I'm pretty sure the frame is for a single. They still haven't fixed the extra door to the girls bath, we changed that a while ago and I let our SR know about it on Monday. I noticed 3 pocket doors laying downstairs and we are only supposed to have 2 so we'll see what happens.

We want to change the windows in the master bedroom. Big oops. When we added the covered porch on the back of the house we didn't realize the roof of it would be right at two of the windows in our bedroom. And there is only one window on another wall that has amazing views, so we want to move one of the windows from the one wall over to the better view. I'm really hoping this isn't a big deal since the framers aren't done yet; but it makes me sick to think they won't fix it. Only b/c the view is pretty ugly right now ( I have pics i'll add)

Basement all cleaned up

Other end of basement, stairs are also in

From living room to kitchen, they started the coffered ceiling

From living room to front of house (dining room behind stairs, family room to the left in front) 

Living room, fireplace is framed! (guest room behind fireplace)

View of porch from living room

Standing in family room looking towards dining

Matster, we want to add another window next to this one because of the view

The 2 windows we want to move because of the view


Back of house

Front of house


  1. Your house is amazing! Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Wow! your home is becoming prettier and prettier each day.!
    I hope they change the windows for you, specially since you are building a custom home..
    If they refused to do it, I would mention the long delay you have to wait for the home to start and ask them to do it to make it up to you ;)