Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Days 83-85: Just some better pictures and panoramas

This past Sunday marked day 85 of this process and all that is left to do before drywall are the inspections for electrical and plumbing rough in's. The 9 windows still need to be installed and I noticed our double window in our dining room is shattered, so sad.  I really hope they install the windows and get inspections done Monday or Tuesday so they can get on insulating and drywall. I am leaving for Houston this Thursday and won't be back until the next Monday so I will not see the house for a week and a half, I really hope the drywall is well under way when I get back!

Update: 10-23-13
They have not passed inspections because of the missing windows :( Drywall is now moved till next week. Really bummed, we really wanted to be in around the 15th of December and that's not looking to good right now :(

Broken Window
I let our daughters color on the studs today; they loved it. My oldest wrote her name and drew rainbows and my youngest scribbled some masterpieces. I love knowing those will always be there.
Lanie drawing on the studs
Front Door Love

I think that this blocking is way too high for a tv mount, it should come down about a foot, right?
I found several places that concern me. There are gaps between the seams of plywood and I want to make sure those are sealed before they drywall. There are several places where there are huge gaps and I don't want any bugs to be able to get in. There was a bug creeping under a window in the basement, freaked me out. I don't want pest problems from these cracks left in the framing.  
Update: 10-23-13 They will be filling in all gaps prior to insulation

That's Strange, haha

More Gaps

Bug coming in my window, err!

Major gaps

Hole in plywood

The girls envisioning their new rooms :)

Drawing in the master bedroom

I realized my camera takes decent panoramas!

They put the electrical panel right there underneath the window on the side.
I okay'd this but wasn't told it would be 5-6 feet off the ground, gross! Now I have to figure out some landscaping to hide that box.



  1. Everything is looking great they do go quite fast after drywall im sure you will be in before Christmas! Its a big house!

  2. it is looking SO GOOD! First, that front door is amazing. I love it. Second, the fireplace mantel is probably about a foot above the opening so I think where the have the box is about a foot above that...unless you have plans to have your mantel lower. Will it be stone? Our mantel is pretty high which is why we opted not to do the tv up there, our necks would have been hurting lol. We had a lot of gaps in different areas too, all of them were filled and sealed before drywall. Are they doing a pre-drywall meeting with you to show you everything? At that meeting, all our concerns were already taken care of and they were starting drywall as we were doing our meeting. Have fun on your trip, see you when you get back!

  3. It's all coming together! I hope the drywall goes quick so they can keep on pace. I can't wait to see you today!

  4. Your house is looking incredible!! And don't lose hope for the 15th of just never know what will happen and maybe everything will come together perfectly. Rooting for ya'll to be settled in by Christmas!