Sunday, October 13, 2013

Days 75-78: We have tubs and a fireplace and a passed inspection.

Well I am going to stop calling it 'the land' , I catch myself saying that all the time.  I guess since we have tubs it can be considered an actual house :) Our windows still aren't in, which is surprising to me but hey, what do I know about this timeline thing. The roof is still not 100% completed, this is also kinda weird.
I LOVE our new window placement in our master.
 You can read the issue from a previous post HERE

Now a double window instead of a single, it's gorgeous

Now a corner window and the 2 are covered

The view out of this double window is really gorgeous, except for today because it was storming!
There was an amazing double rainbow though.
The electrical on the upper floor is completed, and it looks like he started on the first floor but hasn't finished yet. We passed our HVAC inspection, Yay! It looks like a monster invaded our attic space
Now for the other goodies
We have been going in our basement and walking up because the death trap, errr front porch, is still not filled in. What do we see when we walk in? A tub/shower combo in what is supposed to be only a rough in...
I did not think we should get this, but who knows?

The same tub is in the guest bath. This is the girls in their new tub :)
Party wasn't over until they all loaded up in the tub in the master :)
Fireplace is in, love it!
Random Others...
I posted before the hvac had to take about 2 feet from my daughters closet, you can
see here how much smaller it's going to be. The door will now swing out and I'm
going to have to plan the shelving to maximize the space. Bummer.

Media room. This is where we will be putting the roxul. You can see the
rough in's for the can lighs and our electrical outlet in the top of the ceiling. Because of
all the wiring I wonder how difficult it's going to be to install the Roxul?

I'll end this post with a picture of the double rainbow taken from our master window.
Next up is to finish electrical, have inspections and onto drywall and exterior.


  1. Love the double windows and the awesome view. Smart choice. I left you a message in the last post. Would love to hear back. Thanks. How come the door cannot swing out for your daughter's closet? I had them swing my husbands closet to maximize the space and the placement looks exactly like your daughters with the opening flush to the wall. Maybe, you can have them reposition the door to the left so that it can swing out. This may work especially since you are under framing.

    1. I am so sorry!! I wholeheartedly agree about the lights, I was wavering between what was worse, mushrooms or boob lights :) I went with mushroom lights for our closets b/c of the cost and the fact that no one else will see but for the hallways I chose those others. Here is the link for the flush mounts, they are from Capital lighting . Like I mentioned before I love that they take 2 light bulbs which will really produce a lot of light! The pendants are Pottery Barn :||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_- . I am so very excited about these, they came in a few days ago and they are SO well made, the glass is really thick!! And I made a serious typo, should say "Should now swing out" instead of "will not swing out" LOL. They are making the door swing out so I can maximize space :)

    2. Thank you so much for the resources. I really don't like those boob lights. The mushroom lights are nice and simple. I have no clue why they add the nipple. lol YAY for the swinging out of the door.

  2. It looks great! We had the same issue in our master because we have a morning room below, so if you add that it automatically changes to a double window to fix the view issue. We love that window and it's our little sitting area in there.

    1. I am just going to live vicariously through your house for the next 2 months ;) I wanted to make that area a sitting area too :) are we the same person?

  3. I love it all! It's going to look beautiful when it's all done! I can't wait to come spend the night :)

  4. LOVE the double windows and I bet it will be gorgeous when you set it up as a sitting area. Yay for the tub you weren't expecting. Awesome!