Sunday, November 3, 2013

Days 96-99: Insulation, Drywall & Hardiboard

Went to the house today and was surprised to see a team of workers there. They were installing the hardi-board around the back of the house! It still has to be painted but I loved how the trim around the windows looked, still a long way to go but it's looking great so far!

I stepped inside to find all the insulation completed and stacks and stacks of drywall in each room. I had been told they would insulate the ceiling of the basement but they insulated all the walls, great surprise. I plan on using that basement a lot as a workshop type of thing so this is huge! There are still 2 windows that aren't installed, the master bath window and the triple window in the family room. I saw the family room window sitting against the wall and I love it! I didn't know we were getting this particular style. (will add pic below)

We will probably go back on Wednesday to show the girls their rooms. The insulation makes the rooms look smaller, I can't imagine how it will look with drywall up! So deceiving.

There are some weird plastic looking things on the angle above the rooms, anyone know what they are for? I'm adding a pic below.

So happy to see progress, I am so anxious to get into this house. I love my in laws and we are so thankful they have let our family of 4 stay with them these past 8 months (YES 8 months, lol) but I am really missing my own space and 'identity'. The girls are ready for their own space too. I am really hoping we can get finished up before Christmas, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Now for the pictures!

Basement Insulation

The beginnings of siding!

Lanie's room

Anyone know what these are? they go down this whole side of the house above each room
The family room windows , love them!


  1. That family room window is gorgeous!!! Love it.

    Drywall makes rooms look bigger. I didn't think much of that saying but it IS true. lol In our home Tthe rooms, specially the kitchen looked even bigger after the cupboards were installed.

    1. I hope it does :) Because the insulation just made it all tiny!

  2. The one things you are referring to I think are called Soffit Vents, I could be wrong.
    I know they are used in the attic for proper ventilation and air flow.

    Someone will correct or confirm? LOL

    Did they insulate your interior walls and ceilings too?? If so I'm super impressed!

    1. My initial thought was venting, so i'm sure you are correct! They did not insulate the interior walls but they did do a lot of the ceilings but not all of them!