Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Installing Roxul Thursday and Semi-Closing Date

We were told we need to install our Roxul insulation this Thursday or Friday, which means we must have passed the electrical inspection (or will pass it today or tomorrow). Drywall should start next week sometime. We have been told that when drywall is finished we are 45 days out. From all the other blogs I see that drywall can take 1-2 weeks to finish. Our crews have been working lightning fast so I'm hoping we are done within a week or week and a half; which means we should be moving in around the second week of December!

From a previous post, I talked about finding an awesome credit union for our refinance (from construction to mortgage) they will let us lock in a rate at 60 days out. We are getting really close to that; I'll probably wait until I physically see the drywall in place before locking, just to be 'safe' and give us a week or so of wiggle room. Rates have been hovering around 4.125 *APR of 4.3* for the last several weeks. I'm hoping they hold and I can breathe a big sigh of relief soon.

Our HOA Board approved out exterior colors and our SR told us that the exterior inspection is done at the same time as electrical so they will start the exterior when they begin drywall. This is very exciting, we will start to see what our house exterior will really look like, it's about to become really real :)

Some funny pictures from our previous visit:
Moving the window in the master, let's be clear :)

Squeak! I am super happy they do this though, makes my life easier

Things we need to take care of soon:
We still have to choose our exterior garage lights, recessed lights, family room light,
porch fan, living room fan and guest bedroom fan (yikes, that's a lot).
We also have to buy our appliances in the next 2 weeks *sigh* that purchase is going
 to be so much money.
Waiting on an email to finalize our order with the lighting center from last week
We are meeting directly with the flooring center to choose our tile for the master bathroom, we will just pay them the difference. Crossing my fingers the cost isn't too high, I'm almost all spent out!
Next up:
The roof and windows still need to be finished (if they haven't already)
Our master bedroom should have double doors
Electrical inspection is before Thursday

Insulation completed and then drywall is the next big phase

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  1. House will start to feel even bigger once the drywall is up. I think you are right about time frame. Our's took about a week - week and a half. Once the drywall was up, our house was fully completed in about 5 weeks.