Sunday, November 10, 2013

Days 103-106: Taped & Mudded; More exterior (another mistake)

It was a beautiful day today, we drove up to the house and saw that the siding is almost done, yay! It looked gorgeous. There is still the back 1/3 to finish and one of the sides and a few gables. These are not the colors of the exterior, they still have to paint the navy and cream colors. Stone will be on the right bump out and on the garage between the brick and siding area.

I also wanted to say, thank you for your sweet comments on my last post. I really hope I love my home and I'm sure I will, but this process is really tough and it continues to be trying!

This side is completely finished

Almost done with the front

Just a little left
When we got home I was drooling over the look of the front when I noticed something just wasn't right. Sure enough, there isn't supposed to be shakes on the entire section above the garage (picture below). It is supposed to be vertical board (like underneath the porch and beside the front door)
It's a huge bummer because I bet that took a lot of time and I know this material isn't cheap; but we have it in writing from our rep. that above the garage is vertical board as well as the top two gables. shakes are only supposed to be in the left top gable. I don't mind the shakes, but we are doing a two tone paint with the vertical board and it won't look right without the vertical board above the garage.
 I've emailed our rep. to bring it to her attention; however I still haven't heard back from her from last week's hardwood in the foyer issue; so we'll see where this goes.

The interior looked great, there were a few spots they didn't get to but for the most part, the first coat is done. They also put up all the corner pieces, I wonder how they get those covered because they are so chunky and thick! There were tons of bees and bugs in the rooms...I guess because the windows are being left open; kinda gross. Two of our tubs were filled to the brim with water, I guess the workers use that to mix their material?

Living room looking into kitchen

Lanie's Room
Front entrance, family room and dining room in the far right
They still need to install the 2 windows, and now fix the siding on the front of the garage. I am still waiting on a response about the foyer hardwood. Let's see what this Monday-Wednesday brings us...we'll head back up Wednesday afternoon!


  1. Your home is very beautiful!
    The mistakes on the exterior should be fixed - no questions asked.
    I'm glad you are feeling a bit better about your build, hopefully they work with you on the hardwood in the foyer. I wouldn't budge on that myself either.

    Keep on em' ! It's Gorgeous!

  2. I love the ceiling in the living room. It's gorgeous. The archways are so cute!
    You know, the builders often hire sub contractors for each and every little thing and if something isn't standard, they often screw it up. We saw several mistakes when our home was being built, but I was OK as long as they fixed it. It's a very stressful time but you will get through it.