Friday, November 15, 2013

Rate is Locked!

Whew! I have been waiting for this moment since March, haha. So stressful throughout this entire process! When we started, like a lot of you guys; the rates were around 3.50%. We locked today at 4.375%. I am happy with this. I thought I was locking at 4.50% but my loan officer called me and caught them in a random dip this afternoon. Sooooooo thankful! We locked in for 60 days and have to close by January 14th.
This is great, we can move in over the holidays and things will have
 time to settle down before closing.
I'm off tomorrow so I'm going to run over to the house to see what happened these last couple of days; will post tomorrow.


  1. That's great news! We locked in while the rates were really high (well, compared to last few years) at 4.8% with $5000 seller credit. Without the $500 our rate would be 4.6... something.. So that 4.3 rate is a great one.

    1. Is the seller credit like money for closing? That's interesting!