Tuesday, November 5, 2013

*almost* done buying lighting...and dang lightbulbs!

This is the part that I was thinking would be the most fun, buying all the lighting and picking out tile etc. Well, it is fun but I feel like I'm writing checks left and right...and we are! A huge downside to purchasing all your own lighting is having to buy all the light bulbs! It might sound petty but seriously, light bulbs are NOT cheap. Well, they could be cheap if you buy the lowest quality, but I don't want to have to change light bulbs in a few months. 

If anyone needs good deals on light bulbs here's a deal for you!
For the GE Reveal brand or GE Energy Efficient , Target has 25% off through their Cartwheel app. You can print a $2.00 off coupon from Target.com/coupons and stack it with a 1.00 manufacturer through bricks coupons.

For Example:
-a 4 pack of GE Reveal Spiral Bulbs (last over 7 years and have the yellow filter) they are $24.99. With the $3.00 off and 25% off they came to $16.49 a pack.
-a 5 pack of GE Spirals (non reveal, but still energy efficient) they are $16.99 and come down to $12.74 with the Cartwheel app.
-For the cheapest GE Reveal you can get a 4 pack for around 3.74, obviously the cheapest deal but they aren't the longest lasting kind and aren't as efficient.

I have been drooling over this light for our family room for months! I almost bit the bullet and bought it yesterday at full price (crazy moment, I brought myself down ;) ) We need something with lots of light because the room is large, about 15x16 or so and it only has one light fixture (looking back, I should have put some recessed lighting in there but didn't). Well today I woke up to an email that said "Free shipping & 20% off lighting" I couldn't get to the website quick enough :) It's ordered and should be delivered in a few days! I love that it has 6 light bulbs so light shouldn't be an issue now
West Elm "Eclipse"
Living Room Fan:
We love this fan, but it's out of stock everywhere, hoping it becomes available soon.
Lowes- Allen and Roth Portes Fan
We ordered the fan for our screened in patio/porch. It came in yesterday and it's amazing!
Hampton Bay Metro from Home Depot
I found a pendant for the mudroom, I decided to go this way because the ceilings are 9 ft. and I wanted something bright and lower than a flush mount. For $48 , you can't beat it!
It's actually bright white painted metal, I don't know why it looks so weird in
 this stock picture.
From Lowes, Volume International 15-3/4''
We bought our front porch flush mounts (2), nothing too special but everything we really liked was wayyyy too expensive. We chose these @ $25.98 a pc.
Lowes- Portfolio 11-1/4 inch Flush Mounts
So...What's left in the lighting department?
19 Recessed Light Trim Kits & Bulbs
11 Decorative 60 watt bulbs (for the lights that are very see through)
A Family Room Fan
(2) 18 inch harbor breeze down rods for the fans in the girls rooms (cathedral ceilings)
Now about financing/the rates
Rates are still fluctuating. I check every couple of days. I've decided that I'm going to wait until all the drywall is on the walls before attempting to lock the rate. Most of the drywall *should* be up by tomorrow, we're going tomorrow afternoon to check. Since all the windows still weren't installed as of Sunday, I really don't know if they passed inspections. I was under the impression you couldn't cover up any work (like by putting in insulation) until the inspection was passed, I still haven't found a clear answer on that.
 Like I mentioned before, I was told it would take 2 full weeks to complete drywall, I fully believe it. 
Well, sorry for all the rambling :) We will go out tomorrow and I'll post about what we find.


  1. I know how you feel we bought all of our own lights, toilets, vanities, appliances bathroom mirrors and our master shower floor tile. We spent so much money that Im glad this part of it is over but when its all done you all will be happy that you customized the lighting to fit your home!

  2. lighting looks great! I can't wait to see the finished product, everything in your house is so awesome. Now you are making me want to change out all my lighting. It's funny that I never even thought a thing about it beforehand...but now I can't stand my big ugly florescent kitchen light!