Saturday, November 16, 2013

Days 110-112: Windows completed/ Drywall Almost Done / Failed Inspection

The last two windows have been installed! So happy that's done and I love the triple window in the front! The siding isn't completed; it looks like they have 2-3 days worth left. The back is almost done as well as the left side. All that's left on the front is the 2 gables with Shakes; I saw the shakes laying in the front yard so those will probably be done first.

There was a note posted on our inspection sheet that said "Seal boxes in envelope" This had yesterday's date on it; and looks to be the only thing they need to do in order to get the power turned on permanently. I wonder what that means? I can only think of the caulking around the windows. Those last two windows they just installed were not caulked so maybe that's it and we will have power in a few days. Then the "finals" begin!

I think the first of this week will be drywall repair; I noticed lots of imperfections. The last of this week should mean painting and trim! This is when it will get fun.

Pics are below, nothing majorly different from Wednesday, well other than the drywall but you can't really tell that in the pictures! I probably won't go back until next Sunday; because this is my final week of school for this semester and I have lots of studying to do.

Triple window, loving it!

Girls enjoying their new steps, blurry pic :(

My Favorite View of The House


  1. Hi! I love that triple window too! Its beautiful. Oh and don't get discouraged by the drywall imperfections. We have had about 5 rounds of drywall/paint to correct mistakes and now its nearly perfect. Hope you guys can get the electricity on soon, it makes a big difference! Then crews can work around the clock. :)

  2. YAY for finals to keep you preoccupied!
    It takes a lot to not become obsessed with the build and I wish I had finals to study for to keep me busy. That would take some of the anxiety out of the build!

    It's looking gorgeous and will start moving pretty quickly now :-)