Monday, August 12, 2013

Days 9-15......a whole lot of...

Nothin' :(

We were on vacation all last week and I was really hoping to come back to some poured basement walls or something. But because of all the rain, (I'm assuming that's why) nothing has happened. They started to dig for the footers but just a few were actually dug. This update is from Saturday, my Father in law drove down for us to see what went on.

We are hoping something happened today because the weather has been nice, but it's supposed to rain this evening, so I don't know if they'll risk pouring the footers or not. I know it's not the builders fault, and one day I'll look back and comment on how anxious I am, but no progress makes me sad!

I'm going to catch up on everyone else's blogs now. We are driving out tonight to see if anything was accomplished, I'll post tonight!

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