Saturday, August 31, 2013

Days 32-33: Crickets

I can't believe that we have had no activity on our lot these last couple of days. The weather has been perfect, not a drop of rain.

As I was pulling into the neighborhood and saw a delivery truck unloading wood onto the other lot our builder is building. I was so excited and though I'd see something on ours, but nothing was touched since Wednesday.  I'm not sure if I should email my SR to ask. Now it's a holiday weekend and we for sure won't see anything until next Tuesday at the earliest. Bummed.


  1. Oh I've been here before and I hated it. Try not to stress to much. Things will start moving along again next week :)

  2. We've been here, too. The less you can dwell on it, the better. Try to enjoy the holiday. :)

  3. I understand. There has been no activity on our lot for the last few days either. Sucks. Hopefully Tuesday brings some activity for us both. :)