Thursday, August 15, 2013

1,000 Views- Yay! And some products I found

Thank you everyone for reading my blog! I've officially had 1,000 views as of tonight.
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The husband and I went to Lowes and found an awesome fan...

The glass shade is actually textured and looks like faux linen. There are also little grommets/bolts on each blade that give it an industrial feel. We will probably get this for our bedroom and possibly the living room.
Can be found Here
We will probably do white fans for the girls rooms, we found this one at Lowes and it's very inexpensive and puts off good light
Can be found here
 We're going out to the land this weekend hoping to find some basement walls, although that may be pushed back until next week. We will see!


  1. I love the fan for your bedroom/living room. I keep forgetting how many ceiling fan/lights we have to buy... yikes!

  2. We have that same fan for our bedroom! My only caution would be that ours doesn't put out much light. I haven't yet tried changing the bulbs (I think the electricians used ones that came with it?), but I need to do that soon. As it's staying darker longer in the mornings, I'm finding it's sometimes been difficult to determine if my socks are dark grey, navy or black. :) We love the look of it, though!