Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 15: Footers are dug ( question about this) and what color fans?

We made the 35 minute drive out to the lot tonight to see a bunch of trenches dug out. This was completed last week because my father in law saw it on Saturday. It was actually a really nice day and I don't think it rained at all. There is a chance of rain tomorrow but Wednesday it's supposed to be sunshine all day, I'm hoping the footers will be poured. I wonder if an inspection is required before they can pour, anyone know?

I also need to start purchasing the ceiling fans. We have an outside fan in the porch, a living room fan, 3 bedroom fans and the master bedroom fan that we need to buy. I'm thinking about getting white fans for the girls, I'm just worried they'll be too washed out because their 2 rooms will have cathedral ceilings so the fan will need a drop. Should I go with some contrast and get a brown/oil rubbed bronze to pull out the oil rubbed bronze on the door fixtures? I'd like some advice!

On to the pictures :)

Looking down into the hole from 'front porch' garage to left

Back View

Back left corner
The front looks exactly the same, tons of red dirt.
I will probably go back on Wednesday since I'm off . Until then...some
inspiration for my 6 year old's room...

Lanie's Nautical Themed Room


  1. I think white fans would look nice. Love the curtains and colors in your inspiration room.

  2. I think white would look good in the girls rooms... but i'd go with brown ones for the rest of the house. Lensi (your sister )

  3. I think white fans will be nice, if paired with brushed nickel fixtures. But it all depend on your other choices such as furniture.. I'm imagining white or off white furniture when I think of girls rooms, but it doesn't always have to be.

    I'm planing to have a clear glass chandelier for my little girl's room and brushed nickel door fixes.

    1. I LOVE the idea of having a chandelier! i'll keep that in mind :)