Saturday, August 24, 2013

Days 25-27: Brick To Grade

We got a good sneak peak of our brick to grade today! It looks really good. We weren't given the option to choose the brick color, I didn't even think to ask about it. It looks like it's a good neutral brownish/gray color. Of course, until they wash it I won't know but I like it so far! There is still a little bit of brick left to complete on the right side of the house. The did some back filling on the finished brick areas also, looking good! We felt the waterproofing, it looks like tar but it is actually really soft to the touch, I didn't expect that!

They also smoothed out the basement dirt and I'm guessing it's prepared for plumbing and then concrete. We have really good weather for the beginning of next week so I am hoping we see framing by next Friday!

Entrance to garage

From the back

From the back corner

Basement. Dining room will be on first level above left and the kitchen on the right.

Basement. Bumpout on left, the guest room will be on first level and the family room
will be in the right portion.
Eventual Deck

Front Porch

I was able to finally see the right corner of the house,
they still have to apply brick.

From the front "spot"
Plumbing, basement floor then FRAMING!!



  1. Looking good I bet they will finish up and start framing this week! It goes by quicker than you can imagine once framing starts!

  2. I like the brick. I was told that our framing will start on Tuesday, so if you start framing this week too it will be awesome! We can race! lol

  3. Looks like the great weather is holding up. :)