Thursday, September 12, 2013

Plumbing Rough in, does this look right? Help, please! Days 39-45 *Updated*

I waited a week to go to the lot and it was killing me, I fully expected to see framing. Obviously I didn't and that's another rant for another day however I have concerns about our plumbing rough in for the basement. We paid to have the rough in's done so that we could later easily install a full bath. Look below and tell me what you think please.

The rough in's for future bath is the 3 tubes on the right. Why are the two so far away from the wall?
I'm thinking the one flush with the wall is the sink and the other 2 are toilet and shower but shouldn't they be up against the wall too? They are a good 5-6 feet away from the wall and according to our blue prints, the set up should be like this:
I rotated the view so you can see where I'm standing. See how the set up is : Sink, Toilet, Bath.
I just can't see how the rough in could be correct?
 I emailed our contact last night and I'm nervous because it looked like they were preparing to pour concrete soon.
SR said that the really tall pipe is for the sink, then the toilet is the shorter more round one and then the tub and radon pipe is the others. She said it was correct and they are pouring concrete today. I feel better!
Other Pictures:
From the back

Backfilling was completed, first time I've been able to walk around this side of the house

From the front, no more huge piles of dirt, yay!

Garage, waiting for concrete.
I also realized I've never shared our house plan, I'll be adding that today :)


  1. I checked our basement bath plumbing ruff-ins pics and they are clearly very close to the wall, where the fittings will be according to the plan. I would call PM and let him know about it..

    1. Just updated. Do you know what a radon pipe is? I have no clue but she said my setup was correct. I didn't think that super tall pipe would be for the sink but it is. Thank you for checking your pics! :)

    2. I have no clue what a radon pipe is either. Probably something to do with radon gas?

      I'm glad things worked out well.. We have couple of things that we thought was not right, turned out to be how they were supposed to be (and also couple of things we caught on time and they immediately corrected).
      If you can, talk to the PM when you see an issue.. That's something I've learnt. Our SR is super awesome but directly telling our PM about something got us FF results and more accurate answers.

  2. Oh how I wish we could have had a basement! They wouldn't do them here unless we got a sloped lot and paid an extra $30k. Bummer!

  3. Our radon pipe is a passive system (literally just a pipe) to vent gas from the basement floor outside. I was told by our independent inspector predrywall to get it checked out a couple of months after we move to see if we need to convert it to an active system (I think they out a fan in to help move the radon along through the pipe). Usually it's only I'd you have a basement, and sometimes only if radon could be an issue in your area.