Thursday, September 19, 2013

Days 47-52: I had been told framing would start...

I had been told 5-6 weeks ago that framing should have started 3-4 weeks ago..and then I was told 1.5 weeks ago it would start last week, and then I was told it would start this week and so when I got out there last night and saw nothing I was pretty mad. No beams, no framing, NOTHING! 
I left a voicemail for our contact with the builder and of course I got an email about 2 hours later saying framing would start this week. And it's Thursday, seriously? It's getting really old. If I was given a reason as to why it's taking so long to get this process going I might be ok, but since no reason is given I can only assume it's because they have scheduling issues and they aren't managing the build well at all.
So I feel bad that my posts haven't been interesting for the past few weeks and I really hope that soon I can show you some pretty pictures but I just don't have any. I've been reading everyone else's blogs and everything is looking so good!
The only thing that has changed having to do with the house, is what we are putting IN the house. I've been looking for some chairs to go with my world market table I posted about on last weeks blog. I found some on Craigslist that I'm redoing and they are gonna look ugh-mazing.
Right now they look a little sad:

But I have big plans for them.
I'm also ordering our Roxul Safe n Sound for our media room this week, I'm hoping to find a 10% off coupon code or promo code because it's going to cost about $350 to insulate the walls, but it will be well worth it in the long run. For those of you don't know about this, Roxul is now sold at Lowes (previously Home Depot) and it's a stone wool insulation that is fire proof and sound proof.
The reviews are great and I wouldn't have even known about it had other bloggers not posted about it! I'm excited because our media room is between the master bedroom and one of our girls room, this should keep the noise from going through the un-insulated walls while someone the husband is watching loud movies or playing loud games.
Ok, I'll stop rambling, hopefully next post will show some framing.


  1. I would call everyday if I have to and get things moving.. Specially with the interest rates rising (if you are getting a mortgage)

    1. I just requested the PM's contact info. I don't think it's fair for our SR to have to deal with this because she doesn't know, she has to ask the PM anyways so I don't think it's her fault. I hope she doesn't take my asking for his contact info as an insult. Then I think about it ,and I'm paying a lot for this house and I feel like I'm not getting answers. frustrated!

    2. That's not an insult at all. In fact, they should have given the PM's contact numbers to you at the pre construction meeting.
      We are building with Ryan Homes and our PM gave us his mobile number at the pre construction meeting and encourage us to visit the site even daily, and call him when ever we have a problem. You will have tons of questions for you PM when the house goes up and you are perfectly with in reason asking for his contact information. :)