Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 46: Concrete is poured & furniture re-do's & purchases!

They ended up pouring the concrete yesterday on "Day 46". My father in law drove up to see what had changed so I don't have any pictures. I probably won't go back up until next Wednesday and I'm REALLLYYYYY hoping to see some beams and framing going on.
Until then, I've been blogging on my personal blog about redoing some furniture for the new house. If you are interested you can check it out , I use Annie Sloan paint and it's amazing what a few coats can do to a grungy piece of old furniture.
Annie Sloan Paint Furniture Makeover - Headboard and Nightstand
Annie Sloan Buffet Makeover- An awesome Buffet I found

We also bought our dining room table from World Market. I LOVE it! It's very distressed in person so I'm on the hunt for some old vintage wooden chairs that I will paint a solid muted color. I can picture a big white milkjug vase (which I bought from Target btw) with a pretty arrangement of flowers and sticks right in the middle of it. *dreaming of being in my house*

I also scored on 2 armchairs from Target. Clearanced out for 50% off! I'm not sure where I'm going to put them yet, but I loved the look of them so much!
Hopefully next week i'll have some great pictures to show you of the framing!


  1. I love your style!!! Very similar to mine! I can't wait to start scavenging for old furniture and painting it. I want to find a neat buffet or some fun old chairs too. You aren't that far from me, are you? I'm in Boiling Springs. You should email me!

  2. Loving both the table and the chairs- If you can't find a place to put the chairs feel free to bring them to my house :) I'm sure that framing will start next week and then it will be moving along. I didn't think they would ever start on ours and once they did it was done before I could believe it. We had our pre drywall meeting today and drywall will start next week.

  3. I love that table! it's gorgeous!!! It's on my list as one of the candidates for our dinning room (
    These are the chairs we purchased : (2 in natural linen and 4 in blue gray)

  4. It's coming along! I know it's slower than you wanted but hopefully, once it starts framing, it will speed up. I can't wait to come visit! :)