Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finalized Closing Date

I'm so happy to say that our closing date of next Tuesday is FINAL! I am super excited to sign my name 300 times! :) We are meeting our contact, the builder's rep, at the office next Wednesday to discuss some other details such as light switches, electrical outlet placement, detail changes, etc..

I've been drawing on our plans trying to find the best possible layouts for these items and thankfully, there are few that I would have never though of had I not been reading tons of blogs about building! I'm adding some outlets in the closets in case we want to keep an ironing board in one of the master's. I'm adding an outlet inside a cabinet in the kitchen for future under cabinet lighting, so it's hidden and a switched light rough in above the master bath tub so that I can put a dimmer on with a pretty chandelier :) The list goes on..

I should know the official "dig" date today or tomorrow. I want to be at the lot when that machine starts, I'll be doing a happy dance!

I hate not having pictures on my blogs, it just makes it look more fun to read so I'm going to add some inspiration pictures of some features we are getting, and SO looking forward too!

I think I might just lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling for a while

Screened in Porch/Deck... It will be amazing to use this during all seasons!

Ok no, it won't be this big :) But big closets were a must.

Be Back Soon!


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