Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dig Date!

As previously posted, we met with the builder yesterday and I asked a million questions! I love Vanessa, she's been my contact since day one. We also met Derek, who is probably going to be our superintendent over the build. He's around our age and he was very friendly. He answered some questions we had.

Here are some things I asked, and if you are building they should be things you will probably want to ask as well.

  • Where is the attic access going to be? I don't want it in the hallway, I really want it in the laundry room. (shouldn't be an issue)

  • How many outlets are in the garage? 1. We need to add a few, with our builder it's around $50/ per outlet.

  • Where will the air returns be? We can decide at framing. I don' want them to be in a spot that is an eye sore.

  • Can I choose outlet placements? For the most part, yes. Will do a walk through with the electrician. Example: I want one in a kitchen cabinet for future under cabinet lighting.

  • Will certain lights be on their own switch? Yes. Example: Recessed lights in master will be on a different switch than the ceiling fan and light.

  • How many outlets are standard? One every 12 ft.

  • Is the garage insulated and painted? Parts facing interior walls are insulated. Yes it's painted

There were a ton more, but this is a pretty good list. A lot of questions will come after framing, I'm sure. The BEST news is that grading will start next week (weather permitting). It has been raining so much here that I hope it doesn't delay us too much! The lot was staked so I drove over to check it out. We were just there  a little less than 5 weeks ago and we could actually walk through. It was so grown over that you couldn't see anything! I was able to find the stake ( I think) for the front right corner of the house...but that was it! Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Lanie at the properties edge
This stuff was so thick, you can see the wooden stick with a pink string on it.
 I *think* that's a corner stake?

Addison fell asleep:)

This is not on our lot, but we have a TON of these trees at the
back of our property and they grow so fast! I don't know what they
are but they look like Christmas trees. They are not as full
as Christmas trees, I wonder what they are?
So...I'll be back next week with pictures of excavation!


  1. Yay! We are linked up now. Super exciting!! We are building in Ryan Home's Glen Lake subdivision in Boiling Springs, SC. It's a beautiful neighborhood and we close in a week! Can't wait! Excited for you to be building your dream home!

    1. I'm so glad to find someone building near us! This rain is killing our build :( I'm glad it hasn't been able to slow you down too much! I work very close to BS :)

  2. HI Britni! So glad you found my blog and I am so excited to follow along with your build! It looks absolutely beautiful where you are building, so lush and green!

    1. Hey there! Thank you so much, can't wait to see yours as well!