Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Days 2 & 3- Digging The Basement & Address Change

I received an email this morning from V, telling us that 911 us making us use the street name that our house is facing, rather than the street our garage is facing (side load garage). No big deal, I like the street name better anyways.

I checked online and the permits were approved yesterday! Seems like things are rolling fast.

Today was my day off so I headed over after Lanie's golf lesson and was pleasantly surprised!

The Spot-Lots of dirt

Gravel for the construction driveway

Standing and looking at the back of the house


Lanie standing in the deepest section of basement

Side of house, couldn't get the girls on top b/c of all the dirt

Some of the backyard, they leveled it more than
I thought they would at this point. Hoping to get it  flatter.
Next up: Footers!


  1. You'll be catching up to ours quick. Your lot looks really big!

    1. The lot is a little over half an acre, it looks bigger now that it's cleared. I hope hubby is ready to mow :) haha!

  2. Beautiful big hole I bet the house is going to be HUGE!!

    1. Thank you :) At first I thought it looked small and then after they dug I freaked out a tad at how big it looked.

  3. Your lot does look big! I think ours are more like a third of an acre, but I can't remember. I am jealous of all of your dirt! Ours was all rock - so much so that the PM told us today they are bringing in extra soil for our yard so we can, you know, plant stuff.
    It gets going fast from here on out! Good luck.

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