Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 1: Excavation, Marking, Tree Removal

I'm so excited to post that today is officially "Day One"

I had hoped that the lot grading would start today but hadn't heard anything by 1:00. I sent our contact a text and I flipped out when this came back!

I love V, our contact, she's so nice and puts up with my non stop questions!

We headed out to the lot after work and this is what we found :)

They removed 5 or 6 pine trees, cleared the lot and spray painted where the basement needs to be dug out. Like everyone says, it's deceiving because it looks so small! The garage was also staked. Thanks to my 3 year old nephew, Carson, he identified the machinery! The girls loved walking around and seeing such a big change. Hopefully the digging will begin tomorrow.

The girls scoping out the dirt

Hubby checking out the lot

Lanie is standing at the very back corner of the house and Addison
is standing where the garage opening will be. So basically the garage door
will be to the right of Addison. I hope to have progressive photos
at this spot as the build continues!

Standing in our foyer/family room to be. You can
see the blue spray paint!

Pine tree roots, pretty big!

The climber

Back of the lot looking up to what will be the back of the house

Heavy Machinery :)

:) Too cute

Not sure what this does exactly, looks like a very big meat tenderizer ;)

Excavator , Right Carson? :)

The stakes for the garage, side load.

Front of the lot from "the spot"

I can't figure out how to make the pictures bigger, but I'm hoping if you click them they will enlarge.

Next: Dig Basement and pour footers.


  1. Great and exciting post! Carson gives a thumbs up ;)

  2. So exciting! I'm so happy for y'all!