Thursday, March 27, 2014

Landscaping- Tree planting and adding new mulch beds!

I started the Landscaping 'phase 1' this week, it is hard work! The builder left a large pile of mulch on the side of our lot so I wanted to use it before someone else came and got it. I am planting a Yoshino Cherry tree about 20 feet away from the standard Crepe Myrtle that the builder planted for us.

Yoshino Cherry Tree

I removed about 25 pieces of sod from the area and laid landscaping fabric and then poured the mulch on top. The tree is not in yet so when it comes in I will be planting it.  The house I grew up in had 3 shaped mulch beds and I always loved the look of it, to me it makes the yard look more mature. I will be planting some other plants in the mulch beds too, I love Hostas; so they will be making their way in soon.

Before, small mulch bed around the crepe myrtle. 
After :)

We planted 5 of our Leyland Cypress trees on the other side of the house, too! These grow 2-3 feet per year, so I'm hoping next year we will have a cute hedge
They are about 12 inches tall now.
No one can build in the bottom of the cul-de-sac but there are lots to the left of this picture, so this will give us some privacy when someone eventually builds there!

This picture shows the area in relation to the house.

I ordered the Leyland Cypress trees from Quick Trees . They sell them in bulk and give free shipping. I ordered 10 and they sent me 11 and the total was around $73.00. I want to plant the other trees on the other side of the yard, we just ran out of time (and energy)!


  1. I love crepe myrtles! That's #1 on my to-do list this spring is to plant two of those.

  2. Love what you did with the flowerbed! That's on my to-do list too.