Saturday, December 28, 2013

We are in!!

I am on my iPad so I can't type a ton but wanted to update that we got the keys the day after Christmas! We failed the second c/o inspection which was Monday and then finally passed on Thursday morning. Some things still aren't finished by the builder and will be completed over the next few weeks... No huge deal. We are loving it so far! We had a bunch of help Thursday, Friday and today. Mostly everything is in its 'room' and we are in the organizing stage now. My dad came and installed several curtain rods today so that's nice. I'm making most of the curtains so I need to get on that !

I don't know if I can add pictures from my iPad, I copied and pasted one below... Can you see it? It's of my messy kitchen haha! I'll set my laptop up Monday and make a 'real post' with more pictures!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 146: A bunch of finishes, second C/O Inspection is tomorrow

The pictures pretty much show everything. We have our second inspection tomorrow. According to the superintendent; we failed because of no attic insulation, no gutters and the exterior soffits weren't completed. On Friday he told us it would all be taken care of over the weekend. We drove up yesterday and the only thing completed was the attic insulation. *rolls eyes* I'm not really shocked; they haven't hardly done anything on time in this whole process. Our SR told us the gutters would be finished Monday (even though they have no clue what time the inspector is coming), she also said the painters were suppose to be painting yesterday but no one was there. The soffits were not finished either. I think they are just asking to fail again.
We looked thoroughly through the house and there are SO many touch ups to be done. A lot of the trim is terrible, it needs sanding, filling in, re sanding, re painting etc. There are gouges in the walls, split wood on the railings, uneven sub floor so the carpet has uneven spots. I'm really disappointed. The quality of the finishes are bad. All of the appliances aren't even installed. The fridge is still sitting in the basement with our dryer, the dishwasher is sitting in its spot but not connected, the hood vent is halfway installed.
We had our walk through scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Monday morning but we told them there's no way we are doing a walk through with the house in this condition. Isn't the point of a walk through for everything to be pretty much done and for us to point out areas of concern? ugh. There are a million areas of concern. We rescheduled for 3 in the afternoon. I still don't see how everything will be cleaned up and decent.
On to the pictures: The exterior paint isn't completed either

Dining room-Girls were dancing

Office, this light is bright and beautiful

Porch roof. It still needs to be screened in.

Gutters in the backyard

Fixtures in bathroom

This is terrible. I can' not believe they nailed in this framework after
the tile has been grouted and set. It's poor workmanship. The shower door is also not what
we thought we were getting. It is extremely short. The "soffit" is supposed to reach down to
the shower door in order to make it a steam shower. It's disastrous! We have been telling them for
months to not forget to build down the soffit and they wait until the last minute to fix it. They should
have built it down before tile workers laid tile. It's such a shame

My closet

Mirrors installed

6 year olds room

Jack and jill bath

3 year olds room

Foyer Light


Media room-Conduit STILL needs to be cut out in the ceiling. Justin has been telling
them for weeks to do it, now that the attic insulation is in, it's going to be a pain. What is there problem?!

Things to do Interior:
Paint- Touch ups are all that remains and will happen at the end of this week
Glass door for shower-So annoyed about this, see picture above
Railings-Stain. Wood is split in one of the sides
Final electrical installs
Window in dining room needs to be replaced-?
Bedroom window is now broken too and needs to be replaced-?
Paint/Stain the front door-Will be stained probably during the final touch ups.

Things to do Exterior:
Exterior trim
Paint Exterior
Screened in porch

Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 145: We failed inspection for C/O

We will definitely not be getting keys this weekend. We failed the occupancy inspection because:

There was no blown in insulation in the attic
The gutters weren't finished
The exterior soffits weren't finished

Another inspection is scheduled for Monday but we don't know what time.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 144: Exterior Paint Fiasco ................and C/O inspection tomorrow

Today was not a good day for us! We are ok now but I have to be honest about all this because I want this blog to portray as much detail about our build process as possible.

We were sent a text last night about 5:00 p.m. and were told we needed another flood light and another coach light for the basement walkout. Not a huge deal but this meant we had to go again early the next morning before work to get it there in time. I didn't feel like getting up super early again so Justin handled it. He called me and immediately asked "What areas are supposed to be blue on the house?" My heart sunk...I just knew something was wrong. Sure enough the painters painted a lot more blue than we had chosen. So yes, I flipped! It was the straw, so the speak. Because #1: I didn't get the board and batten and shake siding how I wanted it already, we compromised on that, #2: The stone was incorrect and not the color we had picked and then #3 the paint.

Justin made me come out to the house to look at it to see what we needed to do. The superintendent said we could have it repainted if we wanted. When we chose our house colors months ago I wanted a lot of blue because I love blue, Justin was very hesitant because he didn't want the blue at this morning Justin surprised me by saying how much he liked all the blue. The only downfall was that the blue is really dark and we were worried about the section under the porch being too dark because the columns were supposed to be painted dark brown along with the trim. So in the end we decided to keep all the blue and just paint the columns the Monterrey taupe , which is on the rest of the house, that way it's a little lighter and won't make the porch look super dark.

Let me say, I feel like such a brat for complaining about the house because it's a really nice house and it's gorgeous, but its just not what we wanted. The exterior is nothing like we picked months ago, so that is a little saddening. However, it is beautiful and we will love it.

SO yes here's a pic after all my rambling. I didn't take any other pictures while at the house because I was still TICKED OFF. I'm over it now and ready to get my keys.

The county inspection is tomorrow, if we pass we will get keys Monday. PRAY WE PASS!

We left around 9:15 and the place was swamped with tons of people. Who know what happened today! I know the painters were touching up, trimmers finishing the exterior, plumbers were coming to finish, electricians were installing appliances, cleaners were cleaning, carpenter was finishing the deck so the screen could be put in.

Day 143: Final Landscaping, Deck, Exterior paint, more lights ect...

More details were taken care of yesterday. We did go this morning because they painted the house incorrectly and we had to change a few things, but other than that all of these pictures are from Wednesday, December 18th.
the stone is not the stone we looked at. It looks good but we don't love the orange tones; however the
builder said it would be to difficult to fix, so I guess this is it.


Entry with Railings are up, flush mount installed in walkway

Guest room with carpet

Fireplace all stoned; I don't know why there is a green tone in this picture

Downstairs bath tile

Downstairs vanity

Addison in the guest room closet

"media room"

Railings installed and look great

Addison's Room

Girls jack-n-jill vinyl

Girls Vanity lights, one globe was broken
Lanie's Bedroom

Flush mounts in upstairs hallway

Master bath vanities with lights

My closet <3

Hard to see the tile because it's so light!

Laundry with vinyl flooring

At 11:00 a.m. when we left to register our 6 year old for school

1.5 hours later, looking good
Our cute crepe myrtle!

Painting started yesterday afternoon
Things to do Interior:
Paint- Touch ups are all that remains and will happen at the end of this week
Cabinets-Electricians supposed to finish today or tomorrow
Glass door for shower
Counters/Faucets-Granite was installed this afternoon after we left
Toilets-By Friday
Final electrical installs- Until Tomorrow
Window in dining room needs to be replaced-?
Paint/Stain the front door-Will be stained probably during the final touch ups.

Things to do Exterior:
Exterior trim - Happening today
Gutters- Today
Paint Exterior-Started
Stonework/Pillars/Fill in porch-Done just need paint
Screened in porch-Supposed to be finished Thursday

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 142 Part 2: More lighting, Deck 1/2 done, Granite installed, plants/mulch, porch, Stone

I wrote yesterday that we needed to get a different angle kit for the fans in the girls rooms, because they have cathedral ceilings. We got up early and went to Lowes this morning to get them and took them out to the house. I can not BELIEVE how much they got done after we left yesterday around 1:00 p.m.

As we were leaving today the cleaners were showing up to start cleaning. I am guessing they will start upstairs where the carpet will be laid and work there way down. The list is getting shorter and shorter of what is left and I don't even know what to expect to see tomorrow afternoon when we go out there. I have to register my 6 year old at her new school so of course we will stop at the house since it's about a mile away!

The guy put all the floor boards down on the deck, very impressive!

The exterior trim is being worked on...

And mulch has been delivered. Love it!

The side of the house where the box bay window is

Dining Room with pendants

Office, the electrician is raising this fixture a lot today

Butlers Pantry

Granite installed in butlers pantry

Granite is in!

Close up of the granite

Slot for cooktop and hood vent above

Lazy susan in the corner and the oven will be on the left of this pic

Entrance from garage, the mudroom is on the left of this pic
and the pantry is on the right. I like this pendant, in my mind
I thought the fixture would be more towards the mudroom, but oh well.
Also, they had to shorten the width of this opening in order to give more space
for the kitchen cabinets, which is to the right of this picture, I think the arch is
uneven now.

Fan installed in living room, it's crooked. not sure why.

Guest room, same fan as in the master but we were told this morning that the
remote is missing. bummer!

The wood and trim for the railings is all in, should be seeing the railings tomorrow.

Master Vanity with granite installed

Porch view from the very dirty guest bedroom window, haha.

Upstairs hallway view

Breakfast area light - LOVE this!!

Trim and wood installed for railings here

View from Foyer

Outside view-Columns on porch are in!
We left at 8:30, father in law went at 11:00 and this was happening:
At first it's all, yay the stone is going in but then I'm like...that's not the same stone. Please look at the pictures below and the last picture is the stone we picked a few weeks ago. It does not look the same. Our SR says the stone guy is saying the samples were wet, however...the stone on the house has variations of tans/almost oranges/light brown/grey. What do you think? The shapes don't even look the same to me? I remember thinking how dark the stone was going to be when it was up but that I liked how it's not boxy looking...but what they have installed is super boxy.

As the father in law was leaving...the cleaners were still hard at work and the carpet was being installed. We will go back tomorrow to look at the stone in person and to see what else has been happening.
Things to do Interior:
Baseboards/Trim - Still some stuff left
Paint- Touch ups are all that remains and will happen at the end of this week
Cabinets-Electricians to install appliances today or in the morning
Flooring-Carpet happened this afternoon
Glass door for shower
Railings-Happening today
Stone around fireplace- Should be today
Counters/Faucets-Granite was installed this afternoon after we left
Toilets-By Friday
Final electrical installs- Until Tomorrow
Window in dining room needs to be replaced-?
Paint/Stain the front door-Will be stained probably during the final touch ups.

Things to do Exterior:
Exterior trim - Happening today
Gutters- Today
Paint Exterior-Happening Tomorrow 12/18
Stonework/Pillars/Fill in porch-Happening today
Landscaping-Halfway done
Screened in porch-Now until Wednesday