Monday, June 3, 2013

Visions for the "Mud Room"

We created a little nook between the kitchen and garage to create a "Mudroom". I have always wanted one and I know we will use it. We have a 5'4'' wide by 3'3'' deep opening.

See "utility" space
I've been pinning some ideas on doing my own wainscoting and surprisingly, it looks pretty simple. I love the look of it and I am pretty sure I'll incorporate it in this design.

You can never have enough storage and since there are 3 girls in our house, and we have a ton of shoes. I know all the shoes will end up in this area. We also need a place to put Lanie's backpack and a spot for Addison's bag for the sitter. So I'm like these combo's...

But honestly, all the shoes wouldn't be neatly stacked like that.
I see shoes shoved all under the bench
I love the wainscoting that is around this, it looks so clean to have all that white,
but I'd want it to go all the way up to the ceiling.
Any other ideas that are easy to DIY?

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