Saturday, February 1, 2014

Curtains and 30 day repair list.

My husband has been begging me to get curtains not because of decoration because of the heating units. He's worried that our bill is going to be outrageous because we don't have any window treatments. He's probably right. I kicked into gear and ordered fabric to make some curtains and I'm anxiously awaiting for it to come in! Here's what I've got coming...

Sorry for the terrible picture! I ordered these sheers from Amazon and can I say, holy cow deal!? All four panels for $30 shipped, you can't beat that. They offer 84"/95"/108". I like to hang the curtains really tall so these are the 95" length in her room that is 8' tall.
Stock pic.
Lanie's duvet it the "Peyton" collection at Pottery Barn Teen. I've been trying to decide on curtains for her room for a while and thanks to a Facebook friend for the idea, I ordered 2 full size sheet sets (that are on clearance, yay!) that match her duvet and I'm making the curtain panels from them. They should be in next week. I'm planning on putting them behind the sheers...we will see how that looks.

Dining Room: I just love
"Claridge Vibrant Jacquard Nutella"
 The fabric below was on clearance for $8.04/yd. Plus free shipping and an extra 20% off.  
I can't wait to see how these turn out! Should be in this week sometime. This fabric wasn't on sale...
"Dwell Studio Vintage Blossom Slub Dove"
 It wasn't cheap but it's absolutely perfect for my office. The room feels cool with blues and greys so I wanted curtains that would match but that would soften how cool it felt. I am so excited to put these curtains up in there! 

I am looking for curtains for our main living feels very rustic in there because of the dark hardwood, the stone fireplace, stained wood mantel and dark brown furniture. I need some color!

Update to our saga:
I emailed our 30 day list (which includes a bunch of stuff from our punch out list from 1 months ago) on Wednesday, have i heard back? NO! I didn't even get a "I go the email, will get in touch soon" typo of response.  So I'm giving it until Wednesday, if I don't hear..I'm going straight to the office to talk in person. We still don't have our hood vent kit (they lost it/threw it away, shocker).
Our pipes in our master bathroom (for our vanities) have frozen around 9 times already. This is something that I think is ridiculous...there may be a battle with this issue.
There is just too much to list but here's a picture of my list


  1. We have a first floor bathroom. The toilet has frozen at least 5 times (every time the temps linger at zero or below). They are going to install another heat vent in the basement under the area of the bathroom. Hopefully this will help.

    1. Thank you! We have a meeting for next week and I hope they can come up with something to fix it!

  2. I LOVE too! (and & I got some 110" voile and a hot pink pom pom trim to make curtains for Sasha's room but still didn't get to it. Can't wait to see how your curtains come out. That 'Vintage Blossom Slub Dove' is my favorite.

    I hope the builders fix the issue with freezing pipes.. it must be no fun and definitely not acceptable.
    We had some wired thing happen with our HAVC (it started to give wired sounds) so I turned off the humidifier, hoping it's the cause. Ryan homes contractors are coming to check and fix it next week. I think something got snapped or broken because we heard a loud snapping noise (as of a big stone hitting a glass) just before those wired sounds started. I wish they didn't make us wait 2 weeks but oh well..

    1. Thank you for the links! My slub dove is out for delivery today so i'll be making those tomorrow:) I will post pictures!!

  3. I'm pretty sure those sheers are the same ones I have in my office and family room, in the 108" length! Love the softness!! The fabrics are fabulous and I commend you for going bold! I get freaked out by too much boldness so I will subdue it on a throw pillow that I can easily toss if I get tired of it lol. But I can't wait to see what you are going to do, you know I LOVE your style! My 10 month list is similar to your 30 day list, ugh! But I know if I don't get it fixed now, we will regret it after 1 year! Can't wait to hang out Saturday :)

    1. Doesn't surprise me one bit about the curtains! I bought them because I LOVED them in your living room :) and seriously they are such a good price.

      See you this weekend :D