Friday, May 31, 2013

Deciding on a builder

Justin & I started looking at floor plans last July when we bought our land. We started by visiting Schumacher homes because they had 2 models close to where we work. We did a price quote to get an idea and decided to list our house and pay off the land.

We fixed our house up and listed FSBO through We sold within 8 weeks and moved in with the in-laws. We've been here a little over 3 months now and we are getting antsy!

Backing up...we thought that a one level was what we wanted. No, we knew it. We got several price quotes and just couldn't meet at a number. We were frustrated and decided to price some other builders. While searching for other builders we ran across something crazy. Fully finished homes in a lot of different neighborhoods (so different price points) that you could go in and walk through on your own. I don't even know how many houses we walked through before we discovered we loved two levels. We were able to get more house for our money.

We came across S&K's website and scheduled a lot walk. We immediately clicked with the coordinator and she responded to us so quickly. At this same time we were still dealing with Schumacher and the communication was seriously lacking. There was also discrepancies between certain quotes we were given and things we were asking for.

After weeks of emails and walk throughs (of the model homes) we were confident in S&K. They normally build in neighborhoods, like Ryan Homes, Crown Homes and Legendary Homes, but they also build custom on your own lot.  This fit us perfectly. We didn't require a truly custom home builder where picked out everything individually from all different stores...we were able to change anything we wanted and saved money by modifying one of there existing plans.

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